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Category Archives for "Quotes/Axioms"

KPI’s and Icebergs

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are the tips of the icebergs. Being able to get below the surface to see and understand what’s happening is critical to taking action, driving better outcomes, and effectively managing organizational performance

Knowing Oneself

FacebookPinnacle “I can think of few ingredients more foundational to being a good leader than knowing oneself—and accepting oneself—and feeling secure about oneself inside one’s own skin.” ~Chuck Swindoll~

Common Sense to Common Practice

  Make common sense responses and reactions into common practice.  This means, when you proactively think about what you are going to do before it actually happens, you need to make it more of a habit response.    I heard many people say "that is common sense", and when I ask them is that what […]