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How You Are Doing in Your Life Domains?

My wife and I recently completed our life plans by a certified life coach from the Patterson Center. It is a rigorous 2-day process that challenged us to think deeper than we have in a while. Thinking about our legacy, our passions, our natural wirings, and documenting how we got to become who we are […]

What is Gods Will for My Life

Just read this and wanted to get this filed for my archives.  Very interesting article for sure as I am thinking of this often.  His purpose, my passion, and making sure I am creating space to listen.  Check out this link to read the article. God wants us to experience His will so much that […]


I was talking to my wife about this post below and she said oh yeh, that has been out for a long time now.  I said what??  Where have I been??  Anyway, I decided to post this as a reference for me as I must be in the dark.  If this helps anyone, please comment […]

Humble and Hungry

 When young men and women who are graduating high school and college ask for advice we shold focus on two words and here is what you should tell them. BE HUMBLE Don’t think you know it all. See yourself as a life-long learner who is always seeking ways to learn, grow and improve. See everyone as a teacher and […]

Windows & Interoperability: Microsoft Bing Tweaked for Entertainment, Movies, Music

Microsoft Bing Tweaked for Entertainment, Movies, Music – Windows from eWeekMicrosoft introduced yet another round of new features for Bing, centered primarily on entertainments such as music, movies, TV, casual online games, and video games. From a tab on the search engine’s home page, users can now access movie trailers, gaming cheat codes, and even […]

Why People Work

We need to constantly remind ourselves of why people work.  Culture shifts happen all the time, as the shift takes place, you must also remember the hierarchy of needs.  Heady stuff, but worth remembering.   Our shift that is taking place revolves around trust, respect, innovation, and inspiration.  Inspiration is a tougher one because it is […]

James 3:17-18

The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.

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