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Craig Sroda
Author Archives: Craig Sroda

Problems are Opportunities

Don’t think “If I’m in the right job, I won’t have any problems.”  This is certainly not the case.  Without problems, there aren’t opportunities.  And without opportunities. you can’t grow, take on more responsibility, or make the impact you want in your life (all aspects of life).  There is not such a thing as separating […]

Don’t forget the “I” in IT

I think people have forgotten what the “I” in IT means:  INFORMATION.  When you put the “I” and the “T” together, people usually think about computers, servers, networking, and so on.  For me, it’s about DATA, which is the information.  And when you bring information and technology together, you have something powerful, something more than […]

The Importance of Crossing Daily Finish Lines

I needed to file this one in the “sroda” blog for reference so I can re-read and see if I am applying this.  Pretty good stuff for maintaining focus..  Again from Michael Hyatts blog..    http://michaelhyatt.com/crossing-daily-finish-lines.html One of the most memorable moments of my life was crossing the finish line of the Comrades Ultra-Marathon. Photo courtesy […]

13 Ways to Frustrate Your Employees

This is another post from Michael Hyatts blog.  My blog is a collection and organization of thoughts and articles, so it may feel like a copy and paste (which could be at times), but really is just good stuff I want to organize, track and implement – thats it. Any way, below are the bullets […]

7 Rules for More Effective Meetings

I am summarizing the details from Michael Hyatt’s post, but need to have this so I can refer to it.  I really would like our meetings to get here fast.  For his post in detail see 7 Meetings Rules from Michael Hyatt.   Establish hard edges. Create an agenda. State the desired outcome. Take written […]

Working for a Bigger Purpose

From http://michaelhyatt.com/working-for-a-bigger-purpose.html June 23, 2011 What if work wasn’t just work? What if work was a vehicle to live and share a bigger purpose? I believe there’s a flawed perception in our society that in order to live a life of purpose we have to leave our jobs and go solve world hunger, feed the […]

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