13 Ways to Frustrate Your Employees

This is another post from Michael Hyatts blog.  My blog is a collection and organization of thoughts and articles, so it may feel like a copy and paste (which could be at times), but really is just good stuff I want to organize, track and implement – thats it.

Any way, below are the bullets from his blog, if you want more detail, go to 13 Ways to Frustrate Your Employees from Michael Hyatt. If all of us can make this common practice and always get in the mind set of who is next and who we should be building, our lives would be a lot better.  However, you will need to let go of EGO, and let GOD lead more.   I really don’t know how that is a bad thing.

  1. Don’t Be Responsive
  2. Cancel meetings at the last minute
  3. Reprimand them in front of their peers
  4. Change your mind frequently
  5. Dont bother stating your expectations
  6. Always ask for what they don’t have with them
  7. Focus on superficial things rather than substance
  8. Assign them work, then micromanage the process
  9. Do all the talking
  10. Never recognize your people
  11. Catch them doing something wrong
  12. Communicate that you are the fount of all wisdom
  13. Be Moody



Craig Sroda