Information is Flowing Fast

Below are some interesting facts from Pastor @MarkBeeson Blog Site (

You’re reading one of 141 million blogs. Ten years ago there were only 12,000 blogs available for your consideration. With all the options, how’d you ever find my blog?

  • In 2000 people sent 12 billion emails a day. In 2010 we daily send 247 billion emails.
  • There were 4 Reality Shows on TV in 2000. In 2010 we’ve got 320.
  • We sent only 400,000 text messages in 2000.  This year we’ll send 4.5 billion.
  • We did 100 million Google Searches every day in 2000. Now we do 2 billion daily Google Searches.
  • There were 282,242 books published in 2000. Compare that to the 1,852,883 books we’ll publish in 2010.
  • We performed 0 iTunes downloads in 2000. There will be 10 billion iTune downloads in the year 2010.

My comments are: get organized, know what you want and prioritize approriately this year (2011).  You can get lost in all this information and not accomplish anything (or very little).  Remember we dont plan to fail, we just fail to plan. – CCS

Craig Sroda