Humble and Hungry

 When young men and women who are graduating high school and college ask for advice we shold focus on two words and here is what you should tell them.


  • Don’t think you know it all. See yourself as a life-long learner who is always seeking ways to learn, grow and improve.
  • See everyone as a teacher and learn from everyone you meet.
  • Be open to new ideas and strategies to take your life, school and work to the next level.
  • When people tell you that you are great don’t let it go to your head. And when they tell you that you stink, don’t let it go to your head.
  • Live with humility because the minute you think you have arrived at the door of greatness it will get shut in your face.


  • Follow your passion, continuously improve, and set new goals and milestones.
  • Seek out new ideas, new strategies and new ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Invest the time, energy, sweat and dedication to be your best and let God do the rest.
  • Be willing to pay the price that greatness requires. Don’t be average. Strive to be great.
  • Decide to leave a legacy (not from an Ego standpoint). Even at a young age it’s important to think about what legacy you want to leave because knowing how you want to be remembered helps you decide how to live today.

Try every day to keep these words with you throughout your life. After all being humble and hungry is not only meant for the young but for all of us who want to be our best.

Regardless of our age, education or career status, if we stay Humble and Hungry everything else will take care of itself.

Craig Sroda