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Monthly Archives: December 2009

5 Ways to be a Memory Maker

from Jon Gordon@ www.JonGordon.com Ask me to tell you about my all time favorite holiday gifts and I would only be able to remember one. A plastic musical guitar with the band KISS and their makeup filled faces on the instrument. Unfortunately for my family, I ran around the house singing "They call me Dr. […]

Identity crisis: some thoughts about corporate identity

Posted: 10 Dec 2009 02:02 PM PST from @Kem Meyer on Less Clutter and Noise § Fragmented identity equates to lost identity. Where’s the purpose in that? Ask yourself, is there one common message and feeling that is present and consistent across every communication tool that touches your audience (online, in-person and in-print). Everything that […]

10 Big Rocks for Life

from Mark Meyer View article… Really makes you think and prioritize… There are fundamental tenets to life I’ve landed on at this point in my life. When I feel stressed or off course, I come back to these truths. As I look in our world, it’s clear that others have other principles they seem to […]