New/Revitalized Skill Sets (FOCUS and PRIORITIZATION)

We have excess access to information that we must develop or perfect a new skill set called FOCUS.  We must determine how to filter all the information we are receiving so we are focusing on what we should.  The danger is no movement and just information gathering.  We must put information filters in places and perfect our "laser focus" on the tasks that should be priorities.  Remember, 1 – do what you can only do first, 2 – do what you do best second, 3+ – all the other tasks fall into a natural prioritization.  One key point is to always prioritize tasks daily. DO NOT just pickup where you left off yesterday because there are always new tasks being added as well as the ever-changing re-prioritization of existing tasks.

Thought of the Day – CCS Report (12/6/20070

Craig Sroda

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